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New Featured Poem: You Made Her That Way.

Catherine Best

1 min read

Feb 17



She’s resilient.

Because someone made her that way.

She’s courageous and brave.

Because she had to survive.   

She’s guarded.

Because someone broke her heart.

She’s angry.

Because someone didn’t value her worth.

She’s bold.

Because she’s been taken for granted.

She’s vocal.

Because she was silenced, one too many times.

She’s an over-achiever.

Because she’s been ignored and neglected.

She’s learned to enjoy life alone.  

Because everyone left.

She’s a fighter.

Because no one came to her defense.

She questions everything.

Because someone compromised her trust.

She’s independent.

Because she had no option.

She’s learned to love herself, beautiful yet flawed. 

Because she was bullied; too fat and too short.   

She has standards.

Because someone else didn’t.

Even when the cards were stacked against her.

She chose the high road without addiction.

She’s autonomous but will never leave you. 

She’s not perfect but funny, gentle, and kind.

She may be loud and opinionated, but she’s loyal. 

She asks for so little, just quality time.

She’s over-zealous but will fight for you.

If she loves you, never let her go.

Catherine Best

1 min read

Feb 17



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