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The Green Bloods-Resurgence

In the early part of the 20th century millions of Irish citizens made their way to America in one of the greatest ethnic migrations in recorded history. Some came to escape poverty and hardship, others to avoid religious persecution and the violence that accompanied it. If pressed, most would say-“To Build A Better Life.” But Jack Nolan came for guns. In doing so he set in motion a series of events that would shatter one family and bring another to the very heights of power.

THE GREEN BLOODS- RESURGENCE is part of a multigenerational saga that follows the fortunes and the failings of the Nolan's and the O'Leary's from the year 1914 to present day, set against the historical events that shaped twentieth century Ireland and Irish Americans.

As a new country struggles to emerge from centuries of oppression, old friendships are tested and ultimately destroyed. Love is found and lost. Greed, corruption, drugs, and violence defi ne lives and darken even the purest of souls. And now, three generations later, two siblings once separated by an ocean, each committed to inheriting an empire, with one sibling bent on destroying the other.


The Green Bloods Resurgence Book

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The plot was great!  I recommended it to my book club!  Nice plug for the Croton Falls Fire Department!"  -Doris Ornstein of DJ Works, LLC

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“Catherine has a gift for storytelling that is captivating.  She transports you to another world!"  - Gina Arechiga 

Catherine Villari Best

About Catherine Villari Best

Catherine was born on October 11, 1970, in the Bronx New York. She grew up in Throgs Neck -Country Club areas and was raised by her extended Irish Catholic Family. After graduating from Manhattan College with a BS in Civil Engineering and obtaining an MBA from Capella University, Catherine became a NYS certified EMT and a member of the Croton Falls Fire Department. Catherine is the mother of two amazing children Caitlyn Anne and John Robert and has three magical cats named Luna, Pippa, and Teddy Lupin.

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